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Soul Oriented Somatic Session - Standard Individual Session

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$150

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What Are Soul Oriented Living Sessions?

Soul Oriented Living Sessions are one-on-one work with Vanessa with the intention to support you in navigating your life with more awareness, ease, focus and grace. The sessions will equip you with tools to hear and interrupt the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages that your body, emotions and life are sending you. The sessions will bring presence to whatever's arising and will include coaching and other somatic based healing tools, including Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). We will hold space for whatever sensation, emotion or pattern is showing up, harnessing the energy and wisdom innate in it. Rather than trying to to fix, subdue, or change what is happening, we explore safe ways to respond and move with what is arising.

Our “soul” is the essence of who each of us is, with unique gifts to offer the world, and expressed through but existing beyond the body, personality, thoughts or circumstances of your life. It is the animating energy of our lives - and is always guiding us to the lessons we are ready to explore and learn, often disrupting the plans or certainties our minds had created. instead of focusing on specific outcomes you want to achieve, this work supports you in orienting your focus to easily access resources you have within and around, identify your unique gifts, manifest the qualities you most desire and allow you to flow thru the uncertainties of life with more trust, grace and energy.

What are the Sessions like?

The sessions will include a check in about anything specific you’d like to work with that day, emotions or sensations present, circumstances you’d like support with navigating, and/or themes and patterns you are noticing arising. Vanessa will lead you through one or more somatic exercises, including SRI (see below), to support the experience in a more embodied way. If it is desired, Vanessa will also leave you with questions to consider or exercises to practice to help continue to integrate between sessions. For the full length sessions, Vanessa will send a follow up email with the key points of the session and any follow up exercises for you to engage with.

Vanessa is not a licensed therapist, and these sessions are not meant to treat or cure any condition or to be traditional therapy. Words are used simply to help find our way to the deeper intelligence that is wanting to be expressed. Full sessions are 50-60 minutes, offer time for spacious exploration and coaching and half sessions are 25-30 min, and better suited for SRI only or shorter coaching check-ins.

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